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Mobile application developers have been using React Native for more than five years, and it continues to be a popular platform.

Are you considering taking a Front-End Developer or a Full Stack Developer course? Most of the popular front-end frameworks and libraries are written using JavaScript. React.js is one of the most popular and widely used JavaScript libraries, also called frameworks. Web developers widely prefer it.

Today, more and more web applications are being built using React, thus creating a high demand for React developers. This blog discusses 12 benefits of learning React Native Course and its future.

What is React Native?

The React Native UI software framework was developed by Meta Platforms, Inc. By using the React framework and native platform capabilities, mobile developers can develop applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Web, Windows, and UWP.

With React Native training, you can create natively-rendered iOS and Android apps using JavaScript rather than building individual native applications. The framework allows you to create an application using the same codebase for various platforms. It is one of the leading mobile development tools in recent years.

The best React course is much sought after as it allows the developers for cross-platform development. It’s all because of its special features like the performance, native feel, single codebase, library support, and development cost.

Our Front-end development course will teach you the fundamentals of React Native and many other programming languages by our expert trainers.

Meta first released React native as an open-source project in 2015. Some of the world’s most popular mobile apps are powered by React Native, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Skype.

Let’s take a look at the Top Reasons to Learn React Native:

The following reasons convince you that you should pick up React Native to learn for a better future.

1.  Effortless to Learn:

If you are a beginner, learning a web framework or library is not easy. It isn’t easy to learn huge frameworks like Angular because they are vast and have too many complex concepts. But React Native, on the other hand, is easy to learn. A beginner with only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge can learn React Native without difficulty.

Initially, it might seem difficult, but once you understand it, it is very simple. A developer has more freedom with React Native because it’s built around a single concept.

2.  Popularity:

When you have decided to learn a new technology or a programming language, you should always consider the one that is popular and widely used. You would never want to waste time and money on something that’s not worthwhile.

The React library is one of the most popular front-end libraries. Stack Overflow’s developer survey for 2020 ranks React.js second among all respondents and professional developers. One of the reasons behind more and more students are taking this course is its popularity.

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3. Well-Paid Jobs:

The best package is also one of the biggest reasons to take this course. Since it is a popular, widely used, loved, and wanted framework, React also has a huge job market and high package.

The average pay package of a React developer in the United States is 120K per year. Even the freelancers are paid very well. Many IT giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Netflix, PayPal, Uber, and many other development companies use React.

So if your goal is to find a high-paying job, investing time and effort to learn React Native is worth it. We offer popular courses and provide you with the guidance of certification from our experienced professionals.

4.   Saves Time:

Efficiency requires writing self-contained code that works within the larger code set. The architectural pattern of React Native is something you can take to other native frameworks and libraries. React’s modular approach is such that when you change a native component once, it will automatically change in every place across the site, rather than changing it for each instance. This way, you can save time.

5.   Performance Oriented Application:

A major reason for React’s popularity is its performance. In React applications, Virtual DOM is the main cause of high performance. Every React developer should know this, even though it has nothing to do with learning React.

Instead of re-rendering the original DOM, React renders the virtual one first. As a result, React has the edge over many other front-end frameworks.

So if React applications’ performance is better, it is worth learning it. After all, the performance of the final product matters the most.

6.   Flexible in Nature:

React is an amazing software framework for building interfaces. It has many features that make it stand out, such as UI rendering and routing, but there are other components to web development, such as HTTP handling, which can be daunting when you start trying them yourself for the first time.

React is used by some developers because it offers the flexibility to use third-party libraries and frameworks. React also has an easy integration process with these additional components, which makes your application more robust in various ways.

7.   Effortless to work with React:

React Native is great for application development. The core concept of React is UI rendering. React is easier to work with since it focuses on a single concept. As opposed to other frameworks, React is simple and easy to understand. Hence this makes it easier for beginners to pick up React and work on existing React projects.

React follows standard software development practices and patterns, making it easier to pick it up without much surprise. Once you understand component-based rendering and virtual DOM, the rest of the React is much easier to pick up.

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8.  Active Community:

React was developed by Facebook and is open-source; in addition to its popularity, it has created a huge community around it. The react community is not only huge and strong but also extremely active. If you get stuck on anything, this community will assist you quickly.

9.  Code Reusability:

React native is most useful for learning once and writing everywhere. Developers can develop apps for iOS and Android using reusable components. React native is a single codebase for iOS and Android app development that enables developers to reuse the same HTML from web apps. This makes it easy because you need minor tweaks to make your website work on mobile devices.

Additionally, it allows app developers to reuse code from web apps created with React or react-native-web. Mobile apps can be developed using the Front-end of their websites and converted to mobile apps using the Back-end.

10.  Ease of Testing:

Testing is another important part of development. Jest is an in-built testing configuration that comes with React and is easy and simple to use. Other testing libraries can also be easily used to test React components.

11.  Improved UI/UX:

React Native is all about the mobile User Interface. The UI/UX design in React Native is more responsive, uses lesser load time, and provides a smoother feel.

12.  Safe & Bright Future:

The two biggest reasons to learn the React Native course are its safe future and its popularity, which is on the increasing spree. The future of technology is React. A massive reason to learn this skill will be the safety it provides when switching over from another program or system that might not have your best interest at heart.

Learning to use React is a smart investment for anyone focused on their future. The demand for this technology will only increase.


React Native is growing in popularity and can provide many benefits for mobile app development. If you are looking to learn a new skill that will be in high demand for years to come, React Native may be the perfect option for you.

Many companies have adopted React for their business needs. It’s highly recommended for developers for its ease of development, better execution, and other UX features. Hope you found the key reasons to learn React Native jotted in this blog useful.